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Trish Leleux for State Representative Economy

As a board member of the Chamber of Commerce and a passionate advocate for economic development, I have a proven track record of fighting to revitalize Central Louisiana's economy. As your representative, I will bring that same energy and dedication to Baton Rouge, working to attract new businesses by reforming Louisiana’s tax code, finding solutions to reduce insurance costs so that we can create more jobs, strengthen our economy, and retain Louisiana’s best and brightest.

Economic Development

Trish Leleux for State Representative Crime


Our community recently commemorated the 20-year anniversary of one of the worst days of violent crime in our history and the loss of two police heroes. Crime is not a new issue, but with the increase of drugs flooding our community, it is exponentially worse. We have to be proactive when addressing drug issues.

We must hold violent criminals accountable for their crimes and empower our law enforcement officers with the tools they need to adequately and justly protect our communities. To address the root cause of the problem, we need to focus on expanding educational opportunities. Many individuals who turn to a life of crime do so at a young age, and education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and crime.

Trish Leleux for State Representative

Infrastructure & Broadband

Our crumbling infrastructure is a safety hazard for our families and stifles economic growth across our district. As your state representative, I’ll push to invest in our roads, bridges, and other infrastructure that’s crucial to district 25’s survival. 

Every community deserves access to high-speed internet, regardless of your zip code. By increasing broadband access, we can create new opportunities for small businesses to excel, improve education and healthcare access, and connect our rural communities with the rest of the world. 

Trish Leleux for State Representative Education


Increasing educational opportunities in our district is the best way for us to invest in our future, break the cycle of poverty and crime, and build a highly skilled workforce. I will fight for education reform that ensures parents have a greater role in their child’s education, expand school choice to give every child the opportunity to succeed, and pass legislation that closes the literacy gap. As your state representative, I will also work to increase opportunities for trade schools and ensure that every student has the chance to pursue a fulfilling career path. 

Trish Leleux for State Representative

Second Amendment

As your state representative, I will always defend our constitutional right to bear arms. The Second Amendment is a fundamental part of our individual liberties, a God-given right, and a cornerstone of our democracy.

Trish Leleux for State Representative

State Government Spending

Working families and small businesses pay the price when our state government's spending grows. We need to rein in unnecessary government spending. As your representative, I will work tirelessly to identify and eliminate wasteful spending, ensuring that your hard-earned tax dollars are used efficiently and effectively to benefit our community.

Trish Leleux for State Representative


As a mother of four, I know first-hand the beauty of life. I have always been a strong, consistent voice for the voiceless. That’s why I’ll continue to defend mothers and unborn babies unapologetically. We will continue to lead the nation as a state that values and cherishes the sanctity of life.

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